marathon training, week 4

Week 4. My legs are finally starting to feel better. I took it easy the whole week, opting for taking walks to get some mileage without killing my legs. I’m not going to recap the week, because frankly, it’s kind of embarrassing how little mileage I got in, but I was waking up without shin and knee pain.

Saturday was officially my first day back “on the streets,” haha. For my 9 mile run, I interchanged between walking and running: mile 1, walk; miles 2 and 3, run; mile 4, walk; miles 5 and 6, run; mile 7, walk; mile 8, run; mile 9, walk. It felt great to get back out there, but I brought home a nasty nasty sunburn as a souvenir, and as I sit here on my couch nearly 12 hours later, I still feel a bit dehydrated.

However, my run included two trips across the Ben Franklin bridge, which involves beautiful views of the Philadelphia skyline (and Camden too, I guess…).


I wish I could take credit for the above picture!

I was surprised to find the bridge so busy with foot traffic and cyclists. I quickly realized that the Ben Franklin Bridge is the only easily-accessible place for “hill” training in Philadelphia. In fact, I can’t think of anyplace else with long, gradual inclines.

Anyways, my first day back was fantastic. To help prevent my shin splints from flaring back up, I’m going to be integrating walking into my workouts so I can ramp up my running volume but still get the mileage in. Over the next few weeks, I will gradually be reducing the walking and moving up to 100% running.

Sunday, I went for a nice easy ride – up the Schuylkill again, as usual. Looking forward to getting back to the regular schedule on Tuesday.

The week ahead:

Monday: rest.

Tuesday: 3 miles.

Wednesday: 5 miles.

Thursday: 3 miles.

Friday: rest.

Saturday: 10 miles.

Sunday: cross train.

Let’s do this!



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