marathon training, week 3

Week 3. My total lack of physical activity over the past, oh, 18 months caught up to my poor shins and knees. Painful and frustrating.

1. Workouts:

Monday: off.

Tuesday: 3 miles

Wednesday: 4 miles – made it about half way

Thursday: [3 miles] – skipped

Friday: off. Happy Hour!

Saturday: cycled 23 miles (1:39.58)

Sunday: 3 mile walk

2. Thoughts:

I’m blessed with a strong and healthy body that maintains a decent level of fitness and a high metabolism not matter what I throw at/in it. I eat what I want, when I want. I work out every couple of weeks when I feel especially guilty about being so sedentary. A couple times a year, I get a little sick.

But in general, my body doesn’t let me down.

That is, until I decided to give it a reality check. Going from cycling once or twice a week to adding 4 more days of running is a huge lifestyle change. I feel silly making an “In the good old days” statement, but in high school, I decided to run cross country and went from zero to running 6 days and upwards of 30 miles a week the first week of summer practice. Aside from shin splints and a stress fracture, I was injury free and my body didn’t rebel.

Apparently, it’s a different story now. On Wednesday, I could feel my calf muscles pulling against the bone as I took the first steps of my run. Determined to push through the pain, I kept at it for a nice, easy 4 miles. Almost 2 miles in, though, my body decided it was over. It wasn’t a choice. I felt something in my right calf pull or tear and that was the last step of my run. I hobbled back the remaining two miles, determined not to burst into tears amid commuters and tourists near Independence Hall.

I’ve decided for the next week to take it easy to give my shin splints a break. I’m going to increase volume on cycling and as my shins start feeling better, I’ll start taking long walks. I know I ramped up my running way too fast, but I was really shocked that my body let me down. I’m going to be smarter and do a mix of walking and running, and increase my running volume by 10% each week.

More on my recovery & training plan later. Pretty bummed going into week 4, but confident that with a little tweaking, my training can be pain free and effective.

3. The week ahead:

Monday: rest.

Tuesday: 3 miles.

Wednesday: 5 miles.

Thursday: 3 miles.

Friday: rest.

Saturday: 10 miles.

Sunday: cross train.

Pretty disheartened, but hoping to be a little smarter with my training in the coming weeks.



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