Christmas Tree Tool

To properly get in the spirit of things this year, I decided to work on my Javascript and HTML skills to build a tool that would tell me exactly how to decorate my tiny Christmas tree (Tell me, exactly, what else there is to do besides get a little geeky when it’s -40°F wind chill outside?) The numbers are based off of a study done by the University of Sheffield, where they determined the precise balance of tinsel, Christmas lights, ornaments, and tree topper to maximize Christmas enjoyment, based on the height of your tree.

The only problem with the tool that the students created is that it is all in metric, and while I’m all for the adoption of International System of Units, the truth is that most Americans simply can’t estimate the height of their Christmas trees in centimeters (As a quick aside, the United States is one of three countries globally to have not adopted the International System of Units, SI for short, as its official system of weights and measures.). I decided to recreate the tool, in all its glory, to allow you to enter the height of your tree and give you results in feet and inches. I even added some festivity to the calculator to make it all the more fun.

Without further ado, The Christmas Tree Tool.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas.


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