SEO and a New Take on Growing Up

I don’t know if it’s a movement in today’s workplace or if I’m just becoming cognizant of its existence, but there is a whole world of people who simply love what they do. I’m not talking about someone who doesn’t mind getting up and working from eight to five. I’m talking about the person who eats, breathes, and lives for what they do.

McKayla is not impressed either.

I grew up thinking that a job was one of those necessary evils of growing up, that work was a terrible chore that sucked the joy out of life. For 18 years, I watched my father come home from work, frustrated by his assignments, his coworkers, and the commute. Seeing the adults in my life exhausted and uninspired by their careers made me want to run for the hills screaming, “I won’t grow up!” I wasn’t sure how, but I was sure that I never, ever, wanted to be a part of a world where being an adult wasn’t rewarding, inspiring, or fulfilling.

This past spring, I had the opportunity to participate in an internship at a papermaking and custom invitation company in my school’s town, Bloomington, Indiana. My assignment was to expand the conversion funnel, from the top-down. My project began with building awareness. The small company had all the pieces to build an online presence, but they weren’t fitting together quite yet. Enter SEO.

As I began my self-guided education of SEO, a whole new world emerged: a world of passionate professionals and self-proclaimed geeks who had an insatiable taste for learning, researching, and sharing. This was a group of people who, rather than doing as little harm as possible, practiced doing as much good as possible in their field. People who wanted to make the internet the best it could be. People who at the end of the day can’t believe how lucky they are to work in their field. These people, the SEO community, are my kind of people.

Maybe I’m enamored by the newness of it all (I am), but I can tell you lovably nerdy professionals one thing, it’s that I’m here to stay. Even as a nobody with minimal SEO experience, experts in the field have jumped up to answer my questions, provide encouragement and support, and provided more reading and resources than I could ever fully digest.

To be part of an industry overflowing with passion and enthusiasm? I could wish for nothing more. I’m not insinuating that every day is a cake walk. I know that a typical week involves 50 60+ hours of hard work. I know there are days when it feels like you’re swimming upstream. Your career isn’t necessarily your life, but it’s a big, important part of it. Finding the right career is a huge determinant in your happiness.

The SEO community is something really special. I’ve just had a small taste of this world, but I’m staying for more.


3 thoughts on “SEO and a New Take on Growing Up

  1. Don’t know how I came across this, but GREAT work. Keep at it, I love the embracing this industry for what it is. I think there is a sharing that goes on in our world that other people just can not relate to. Yes we compete, and yes we are insanely competitive, but we also all realize that someone helped us, some rockstar reached out to help us learn, and everyone kinda pays it forward. Keep at it!


  2. SEO and a New Take on Growing Up -

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